July 2018


"I don't often do reviews but I just had to review this. We are a gluten-free family and have tried A LOT of GF fish and chips around the country. Our takeaway today was hands down the best we have ever tasted. From the gorgeous crispy batter on the beautifully white cod to the AMAZING chips, even the GF curry sauce and mushy peas were delicious. The portions were massive, especially the kids meals which included a healthy drink and a cute little toy. The only sad part is we live 200 miles away. But we will definitely be back!"

Julie J via TripAdvisorJuly 2018

May 2018

"Impeccably clean and always ready to greet the customers with a smile this local little fish and chip shop is a gem on the high street. No worries if you have dietary requirements because gluten free options are available for those who need it! Also features a large range of appetising vegetarian options, these are available without a compromise on quality of food! A lovely local chippy with good portion sizes for price. May be queues but never waiting long just good fish and chips in a timely manner."

Bryony Worth via Google ReviewsMay 2018

April 2018

"If you ask anyone of the locals in Falmouth or Penryn the best place to buy fish & chips without doubt everyone always says Mariners in Penryn. I kept hearing it so I tried it.

The staff are super helpful stating that there was a choice to have the food cooked in either vegetable oil or beef dripping and gluten free batter. That’s pretty forward thinking. The restaurant itself by the way for any of you that are wondering is absolutely gleaming. I have worked in kitchens and I am pretty OCD about that stuff :)

I went for a large cod & small chips. Chips great, fish absolutely amazing. Also went for the tub of homemade coleslaw which was delicious. This business is clearly run by people who take such great pride in their establishment. Fair play Mariners.”

Patrick Dowling via Google ReviewsApril 2018

January 2018

"So appreciative of the gluten free option available ! As a coeliac myself, it really puts me at ease eating from here as the staff take cross-contamination very seriously. Great to be able to eat a delicious fish and chips again! And the fact they are widening their options for gluten free is fantastic. Curry sauce is amazing! Now all I ask is for them to do a good old gluten free fish cake ;-) we love Mariners chippy!

Sophie via Google ReviewsJanuary 2018